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Rust Removal & Protection

Good surface preparation is the key to any job we undertake. We use a variety of methods to prepare for painting including waterblasting, chemical treatments and sanding by hand if necessary.
We take into account all the unique circumstances of each job and select the most suitable method for each job.

Surface Remediation

We have the resources available to remediate sub standard surfaces in timber, steel or masonry plus a host of other materials, which may at times involve significant (non-structural) building repairs. We use the best materials and methods to provide professional, lasting results.

Lead Based Paint Removal

We are well aware of the dangers associated with lead based paint and its removal. We are up to date with all the latest health and safety practices. We are cognizant of the environmental concerns it presents. All care is taken to minimise any risks when removing it.

Water Blasting & Chem Washing

We take all due care when preparing your house or building surfaces for painting. We will select the most appropriate methods for each individual job to ensure the best possible outcome.